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Exploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities, and Photons.
1. Unveiling the quantum 2. Strangeness and power of the quantum 3. Of spins and springs 4. The environment is watching 5. Photons in a box 6. Seeing light in subtle ways 7. Taming Schrodinger's catsExpand
Linear optical quantum computing with photonic qubits
Linear optics with photon counting is a prominent candidate for practical quantum computing. The protocol by Knill, Laflamme, and Milburn [2001, Nature (London) 409, 46] explicitly demonstrates thatExpand
Quantum optical metrology – the lowdown on high-N00N states
Quantum states of light, such as squeezed states or entangled states, can be used to make measurements (metrology), produce images, and sense objects with a precision that far exceeds what isExpand
Objectively discerning Autler-Townes splitting from electromagnetically induced transparency.
An objective method is introduced, based on Akaike's information criterion, to test ATS vs EIT from experimental data for three-level atomic systems and determine which pertains, and applies to a recently reported induced-transparency experiment in superconducting-circuit quantum electrodynamics. Expand
The photonic band edge laser: A new approach to gain enhancement
Near the band edge of a one‐dimensional photonic band gap structure the photon group velocity approaches zero. This effect implies an exceedingly long optical path length in the structure. If anExpand
Analytic expressions for the electromagnetic mode density in finite, one-dimensional, photonic band-gap structures
An exact expression for the electromagnetic mode density, and hence the group velocity, is derived for a finite N period, one-dimensional photonic band-gap structure and applications to 3D structures, spontaneous emission control, delay lines, band-edge lasers, and superluminal tunneling times are discussed. Expand
Quantum technology: the second quantum revolution
  • J. Dowling, G. Milburn
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 13 June 2002
A number of examples of research programs that could deliver quantum technologies in coming decades including: quantum information technology, quantum electromechanical systems, coherent quantum electronics, quantum optics and coherent matter technology are discussed. Expand
Quantum metrology with two-mode squeezed vacuum: parity detection beats the Heisenberg limit.
In this setup, dependence of the signal on the phase evolves n times faster than in traditional schemes, and uncertainty in the phase estimation is better than 1/n, and the quantum Cramer-Rao bound is saturate. Expand
Transparent, metallo-dielectric, one-dimensional, photonic band-gap structures
We investigate numerically the properties of metallo-dielectric, one-dimensional, photonic band-gap structures. Our theory predicts that interference effects give rise to a new transparent metallicExpand
Photonic Band Calculations for Woodpile Structures
Abstract Photonic band structure has been computed for ‘woodpile’ structures having the periodicity of the simple tetragonal lattice. Bandgaps have been found. Further research directions areExpand