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Phylogenetic relationships among arecoid palms (Arecaceae: Arecoideae).
New data sources are required to elucidate ambiguities that remain in phylogenetic relationships among and within the major groups of Arecoideae, as well as within the Areceae, the largest tribe in the palm family.
Australian Palms: Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics
  • J. Dowe
  • Environmental Science
  • 3 February 2010
This work is the culmination of over 20 years of research into Australian palms, including extensive field-work and examination of herbarium specimens in Australia, South-East Asia, Europe and the USA.
A taxonomic account of Livistona R.Br. (Arecaceae).
A taxonomic account of the palm genus Livistona is presented and a neotype is proposed for L. saribus, and lectotypes are chosen for Lorophylla Becc.
Low genetic diversity and recovery implications of the vulnerable Bankoualé Palm Livistona carinensis (Arecaceae), from North-eastern Africa and the Southern Arabian Peninsula
It is indicated that the populations in Yemen and Somalia are highly significant for the conservation of the species genetic diversity and the lack of genetic diversity both within and among L. carinensis populations in Djibouti.
Tropical rapid appraisal of riparian condition Version 1 (for use in tropical savannas)
The tropical rapid appraisal of riparian condition (TRARC) is a visual assessment of the riparian zone using simple indicators of condition. It is designed to be user-friendly for the non-specialist
Cyclone tolerance in new world arecaceae: biogeographic variation and abiotic natural selection.
Variation in cycloneolerance in New World Arecaceae correlates with biogeography, and is not confounded with phylogeny, which suggest natural selection of cyclone tolerance incyclone-prone areas.
A new species of rheophytic palm from New Guinea.
This elegant species has been in cultivation in north Queensland for several years, proving adaptable to, and thriving in, many conditions.
Field guide to palms in Papua New Guinea : with a multi-access key and notes on the genera
A map of Papua New Guinea character Explanation and a list of References Index to Scientific Names Palms Cultivated in the National Botanic Garden, Lae Glossary are provided.
Archontophoenix (Arecaceae) description of species and notes
Of the nine endemic genera of palms that occur in Australia, Archontophoenix is the most diverse with six species. The genus is mainly confined to high rainfall areas, most often in well-developed