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A new bed elevation dataset for Greenland
Abstract. We present a new bed elevation dataset for Greenland derived from a combination of multiple airborne ice thickness surveys undertaken between the 1970s and 2012. Around 420 000 line
Late quaternary ice sheet history of northern Eurasia
The maximum limits of the Eurasian ice sheets during four glaciations have been reconstructed: (1) the Late Saalian (>140 ka), (2) the Early Weichselian (100–80 ka), (3) the Middle Weichselian (60–50
The International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Version 3.0
The International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) released its first gridded bathymetric compilation in 1999. The IBCAO bathymetric portrayals have since supported a wide range of Arc
Submarine landforms and the reconstruction of fast-flowing ice streams within a large Quaternary ice sheet: The 2500-km-long Norwegian-Svalbard margin (57°–80°N)
Morphological interpretation of regional and detailed bathymetric data sets on the 2500-km-long Norwegian shelf from the North Sea (57°N) to Svalbard (80°N) has revealed a dynamic ice-flow pattern
Dynamics of the Late Weichselian ice sheet on Svalbard inferred from high‐resolution sea‐floor morphology
High-resolution bathymetric mapping of the fjords and continental shelf around the Svalbard archipelago shows an extensive pattern of large- and medium-scale submarine landforms formed by differences
Investigations of the form and flow of ice sheets and glaciers using radio-echo sounding
Radio-echo sounding (RES), utilizing a variety of radio frequencies, was developed to allow glaciologists to measure the thickness of ice sheets and glaciers. We review the nature of electromagnetic
Calibrating the Late Ordovician glaciation and mass extinction by the eccentricity cycles of Earth's orbit
A process-based sedimentological analysis of Upper Ordovician glacial-marine rocks in Africa suggests that full glaciation of the continental shelf started in the late extraordinarius Zone of the
Debris entrainment and transfer in polythermal valley glaciers
Hambrey, MJ; Bennett, MR; Dowdeswell, JA, et al. (1999). Debris entrainment and transfer in polythermal valley glaciers. Journal of Glaciology, 45 (149), 69-86. Published: 1999
On the Net Mass Balance of the Glaciers and Ice Caps in Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic
Abstract The ice masses of Svalbard cover an area of ca. 36 600 km2, and are thus among the largest glaciated areas in the Arctic. Annual mass balance measurements have been carried out on several
Extent and dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet on the outer continental shelf of Pine Island Bay during the last glaciation
Abstract Swath bathymetry and TOPAS sub-bottom profiler acoustic data reveal the presence of a major cross-shelf bathymetric trough containing streamlined subglacial bedforms formed in soft till that