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The influences of landscape structure on butterfly distribution and movement: a review
We review the literature on the influence of landscape structure on butterfly distribution and movement. We start by examining the definition of landscape commonly used in spatial ecology.Expand
A review of the ecology of butterflies in British hedgerows.
In examining the influence of hedges on butterflies it is appropriate to consider the whole hedgerow complex, which may include verges and other adjacent land. This paper examines our knowledge ofExpand
Movement of two grassland butterflies in the same habitat network: the role of adult resources and size of the study area
Movement patterns of two butterfly species were studied in a 172 ha area within a landscape with a high percentage of suitable habitats for mark–release–recapture experiments. Expand
Particulate matter pollution capture by leaves of seventeen living wall species with special reference to rail-traffic at a metropolitan station
Abstract Atmospheric Particulate Matter (PM) constitutes a considerable fraction of urban air pollution, and urban greening is a potential method of mitigating this pollution. The value of livingExpand
Evaluating the impact of individual leaf traits on atmospheric particulate matter accumulation using natural and synthetic leaves
Abstract The ability of vegetation to capture and retain atmospheric Particulate Matter (PM) is directly dependent on the interactions between PM and plant surfaces. However, the impact of individualExpand
Factors Affecting the Distribution of Satyrid Butterflies on Arable Farmland
The effects of biotic and abiotic factors on the distribution of three species of satyrid butterfly in arable field margins were studied in a block of arable farmland on a North Hampshire farm. Expand
Reformulating the social–ecological system in a cultural rural mountain landscape in the Picos de Europa region (northern Spain)
Abstract We analysed the changes that had taken place in the last 45 years in the spatial structure of the landscape, in the demographic tendencies of the local population and in the socioeconomicExpand
Can hay harvesting detrimentally affect adult butterfly abundance?
Overall butterfly numbers significantly decreased between transect counts taken before and after harvesting in cut fields; no such decline was evident in fields without active management (harvesting/grazing) over the same period. Expand
The importance of shelter for butterflies in open landscapes
In Britain, much emphasis has been placed on conserving butterfly species in specialized habitats, since this is where most of it‘s threatened butterflies exist, whilst the wider countryside has beenExpand
Corridors and barriers in biodiversity conservation: a novel resource-based habitat perspective for butterflies
A functional definition of corridor (barrier) is developed to give prominence to connectivity as opposed to ad hoc structures purported to advance connectivity in the issue of corridors for patchwork connectivity, drawing attention to fundamental divisions among organisms in any taxon: generalists and specialists. Expand