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Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice
Praise for the first edition- "Every once in a while a book appears that treats the leading issues of a subject in such a clear and challenging manner that it becomes central to understanding thatExpand
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The Relative Universality of Human Rights
Human rights as an international political project are closely tied to claims of universality. Attacks on the universality of human rights, however, are also widespread. And some versions ofExpand
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Realism and International Relations
Realism and International Relations provides students with a critical yet sympathetic survey of political realism in international theory. Using six paradigmatic theories - Hans Morgenthau, KennethExpand
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International human rights: a regime analysis
After laying out a typology of international regimes, eight international and regional human rights regimes are analyzed in order to (1) examine the utility of regime analysis in noneconomicExpand
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Human Rights: A New Standard of Civilization?
This is an edited text of the fifth John Vincent Memorial Lecture delivered at the University of Keele on 9 May 1997 in which Jack Donnelly attacks the still common scepticism about internationalExpand
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Human Rights and Human Dignity: An Analytic Critique of Non-Western Conceptions of Human Rights
It is regularly argued that human rights are not a Western discovery and that non-Western societies have long emphasized the protection of human rights. Such claims, however, are based on a confusionExpand
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International Human Rights
Part One: Introduction and Theory 1. Human Rights as an Issue in World Politics 2. Theories of Human Rights 3. The Relative Universality of Human Rights 4. The Domestic Politics of Human Rights:Expand
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Sovereign Inequalities and Hierarchy in Anarchy: American Power and International Society
How is unrivalled American power reshaping 21st-century international society? Is the United States an empire, in fact or in the making? This article attempts to elaborate the conceptual resourcesExpand
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Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights
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