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Large-scale magnetic topologies of late M dwarfs⋆
We present here the final results of the first spectropolarimetric survey of a small sample of active M dwarfs, aimed at providing observational constraints on dynamo action on both sides of theExpand
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Toroidal versus poloidal magnetic fields in Sun-like stars: a rotation threshold
From a set of stellar spectropolarimetric observations, we report the detection of surface magnetic fields in a sample of four solar-type stars, namely HD 73350, HD 76151, HD 146233 (18 Sco) and HDExpand
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Magnetic cycles of the planet-hosting star τ Bootis – II. A second magnetic polarity reversal
In this paper, we present new spectropolarimetric observations of the planet- hosting starBootis, using ESPaDOnS and Narval spectropolarimeters at Canada- France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) and TelescopeExpand
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Searching for star–planet interactions within the magnetosphere of HD 189733
HD 189733 is a K2 dwarf, orbited by a giant planet at 8.8 stellar radii. In order to study magnetospheric interactions between the star and the planet, we explore the large-scale magnetic field andExpand
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The Magnetic Fields at the Surface of Active Single G-K Giants
We investigate the magnetic field at the surface of 48 red giants selected as promising for detection of Stokes V Zeeman signatures in their spectral lines. We use the spectropolarimeters Narval andExpand
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The coronal structure of AB Doradus determined from contemporaneous Doppler imaging and X-ray spectroscopy
We obtain contemporaneous observations of the surface and corona of AB Doradus (AB Dor), a young single cool star, using ground-based circularly polarized spectra from the AngloAustralian TelescopeExpand
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Magnetic topology and surface differential rotation on the K1 subgiant of the RS CVn system HR 1099
We present here spectropolarimetric observations of the RS CVn system HR 1099 (V711 Tau) secured from 1998 February to 2002 January with the spectropolarimeter MuSiCoS at the Telescope Bernard LyotExpand
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The magnetic field of Betelgeuse: a local dynamo from giant convection cells?
Context. Betelgeuse is an M supergiant with a complex and extended atmosphere, which also harbors spots and giant granules at its surface. A possible magnetic field could contribute to the mass lossExpand
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High levels of surface differential rotation on the young G0 dwarf HD 171488
We present high-resolution images of the young, rapidly rotating G0 dwarf HD 171488, using both Stokes I and Stokes V data. The observations were secured with the MuSiCoS spectropolarimeter atExpand
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Complex magnetic topology and strong differential rotation on the low-mass T Tauri star V2247 Oph
From observations collected with the ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter at the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope, we report the detection of Zeeman signatures on the low-mass classical T Tauri star (cTTS)Expand
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