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Psychological Stress in Wives of Patients with Myocardial Infarction
In a study of the psychological consequences of myocardial infarction on 65 wives of husbands admitted to a coronary care unit feelings of loss, depression, and guilt were common at the time ofExpand
The Intimate Enemy
The significance of psychoanalysis is not only due to its specific theoretical contributions to the structure of the personality. An important side effect is the increasing attention given toExpand
Study of patients' psychological attitudes to a coronary care unit
Seventy-four consecutive male patients aged 38 to 63 years were admitted to a coronary care unit with their first myocardial infarction. Their attitude to the unit was studied by interview andExpand
A Follow-up Study of Late-onset Epilepsy—II. Psychiatric and Social Findings
consisted of two scars, one case of tuberous sclerosis, and one of a glial infarct. The incidence of trauma in seven cases is probably the major aetiological factor, and cerebrovascular syphilisExpand
The Understanding of Dreams
Marriage and psychiatric illness.
  • J. Dominian
  • Medicine
  • British medical journal
  • 6 October 1979
Psychiatric disturbance is well known to occur in both spouses more often than could be expected by chance,1 and appreciable marital discord and psychiatric disturbance are also associated. AnExpand
Caught in the Cross-Fire
  • J. Dominian
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Mind and mental health magazine
  • 1971
A psychiatrist's review of the state of knowledge about the effects of pornography and the reasons for the ferocious arguments on the subject.
Put-Offs and Come-Ons
The front cover describes the subject of the book as the manoeuvres and stratagems by which men, women and children deceive, compete , conflict, manipulate, make love and annihilate each other.
Phenelzine and Dexamphetamine in Depressive Illness
affective disorders. We have found, for instance, that those patients with anxiety states or depressions most likely to respond to M.A.O.I., or to M.A.O.I. combined with chlordiazepoxide, doExpand
The role of psychiatry in the menopause.
  • J. Dominian
  • Medicine
  • Clinics in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • 1 April 1977