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Rural abandoned landscapes and bird assemblages: winners and losers in the rewilding of a marginal mountain area (NW Spain)
Abstract In many regions of Europe, large-scale socio-economic changes have led to the abandonment of rural activities and a gradual takeover of natural vegetation. It is important to assess the
Sleeping and vigilance in Black-tailed Godwit
Abstract. I studied the influence of position within the flock of the bird on the sleep-vigilance trade-off in individual Black-tailed Godwits Limosa limosa roosting at high tide. The peeking rate,
Using probability of occurrence to assess potential interaction between wind farms and a residual population of golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos in NW Spain
We evaluate the areas with potential negative impacts in a golden eagle population derived of the development of wind farms. At present, the entire golden eagle Galician population (5–6 pairs) is
Unravelling the response of diurnal raptors to land use change in a highly dynamic landscape in northwestern Spain: an approach based on satellite earth observation data
Land use and land cover change (LULCC) is one of the main components of current anthropogenic global change. Unravelling the ecological response of biodiversity to the combined effect of land use
Modelling habitat use and distribution of golden eagles Aquila chrysaetos in a low-density area of the Iberian Peninsula
We analyse the current situation of the Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) in the region of Galicia in NW Spain. At present, the entire Galician population (five pairs) is located within an area of
Effects of species traits and environmental predictors on performance and transferability of ecological niche models
The overall model transferability was low, even under a hierarchical modelling approach, which calls for great caution in the use of ENMs to predict bird distributions under global change scenarios, and indicates that positive effects of species traits on predictive accuracy within model calibration are not necessarily translated into higher temporal transferability.