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Drug absorption. I. An in situ rat gut technique yielding realistic absorption rates.
A method is reported for studying gastrointestinal drug absorption from isolated gut segments of the anesthetized rat in situ. The experimental technique is simple and utilizes readily availableExpand
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Aspects of the epimerization of certain tetracycline derivatives
The epimerization of several tetracycline derivatives was examined at several pH values using varying conditions of temperature and buffer strength. Rate coefficients for the epimerization ofExpand
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Pharmacokinetics of orally administered pentoxifylline in humans.
The pharmacokinetics of pentoxifylline was studied in healthy male volunteers following single oral doses of 100, 200 and 400 mg of the drug in solution. Concentrations of the drug and three of itsExpand
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Drug absorption IV: influence of pH on absorption kinetics of weakly acidic drugs.
Abstract This paper reports the absorption kinetics of sulfaethidole and barbital from the rat stomach and rat small intestine in situ.The absorption rates varied with pH for both drugs. With bothExpand
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Drug absorption. II. Effect of fasting on intestinal drug absorption.
The effects of fasting on the intestinal absorption profiles of salicylic acid, barbital, haloperidol, and chlorpromazine were studied in anesthetized rats. The in situ technique employed in thisExpand
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An in vitro model to simulate some factors involved in the absorption process is described. It consists of a tube containing two aqueous phases separated by an immiscible phase. A rocking apparatusExpand
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Drug absorption VII: influence of mesenteric blood flow on intestinal drug absorption in dogs.
Intestinal absorption of sulfaethidole and haloperidol was determined using an in situ canine intestinal preparation. Intestinal absorption of sulfaethidole was determined at three or four mesentericExpand
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Physiological factors affecting intestinal drug absorption.
Abstract An in situ technique for determining drug absorption rates from isolated segments of the gastrointestinal tracts of anesthetized animals has been described. In rats, the absorptionExpand
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Drug absorption. V. Influence of food on oral absorption of phenobarbital in rats.
This paper reports the effect of food on the oral absorption of phenobarbital in the rat. The presence of food was found to lower significantly the serum levels of intact drug and to reduceExpand
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