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Primary centers and secondary concentrations of tectonic activity through time in the western hemisphere of Mars
Five main stages of radial and concentric structures formed around Tharsis from the Noachian through the Amazonian as determined by geologic mapping of 24,452 structures within the stratigraphic
Astrobiology through the ages of Mars: the study of terrestrial analogues to understand the habitability of Mars.
Through the study of Mars terrestrial analogues, the habitability conditions for each of these stages, the geochemistry of the surface, and the likelihood for the preservation of organic and inorganic biosignatures are assessed and constrained.
Environmental Studies with the Sensor Web: Principles and Practice
Not only current progress in the Sensor Web technology, but also its recent application to problems in hydrology are examined to illustrate the general concepts involved.
Ancient drainage basin of the Tharsis region, Mars: Potential source for outflow channel systems and putative oceans or paleolakes
Paleotopographic reconstructions based on a synthesis of published geologic information and high-resolution topography, including topographic profiles, reveal the potential existence of an enormous