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Urban public transport in the Baltic states
This paper offers a panoramic view of the actual situation of urban public transport in Baltic states cities. Expand
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Successful translocation of the threatened New Zealand root-holoparasite Dactylanthus taylorii (Mystropetalaceae)
The conservation and translocation of threatened holoparasitic flowering plants provide added challenges due to their complete host dependency and often large knowledge gaps of their autecology.Expand
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Developments in telecommunications and IT have the potential to reduce traffic growth, and hence congestion, as alternatives to travel, in the form of teleworking, videoconferencing, andExpand
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Gregory King and the Economic Structure of Early Modern England: An Input–Output Table for 1688
This article presents an input–output table for England and Wales for the year 1688 which is based on the extensive dataset compiled by Gregory King in the 1690s, together with other contemporary andExpand
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The decline in bus services in English PTE areas - the quest for a solution
This report is concerned with the decline in bus use in recent times in English Public Transport Executive (PTE) areas, the former metropolitan county areas. Overall bus use has declined by 50% inExpand
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Particules comprenant des sous-particules ou des échafaudages d'acide nucléique
La presente invention concerne, entre autres, des compositions qui se lient a des biomolecules solubles et inhibent leur activite biologique, ainsi que des compositions pharmaceutiquesExpand
New, Disaggregated, British Railway Total Factor Productivity Growth Estimates, 1875 to 1912
Total factor productivity (TFP) growth in Britain's railways in the last part of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth has been widely studied, not least because it can throwExpand
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Energy Use And Carbon Dioxide Emissions In The Uk Transport Sector: Options For Control
AbstractIn this paper we examine the relative contributions of the UK transport sector to total UK energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. Focusing on road transport, we examine recent trends inExpand