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Captain America's Empire: Reflections on Identity, Popular Culture, and Post-9/11 Geopolitics
Abstract This article introduces comic books as a medium through which national identity and geopolitical scripts are narrated. This extension of the popular geopolitics literature uses the exampleExpand
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Popular Geopolitics 2.0: Towards New Methodologies of the Everyday
This paper argues for the renewal of popular geopolitics through the adoption of a research agenda that emphasizes everyday life. Popular geopolitics as commonly practiced has adopted a focus onExpand
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Geopolitical assemblages and complexity
This article proposes a framework for considering materiality in the field of geopolitics: assemblage and complexity theories. Drawing on literatures beyond the field to imagine a posthumanExpand
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Textual and discourse analysis
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Cosmopolitanism and the Geographies of Freedom
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Popular Culture, Geopolitics, and Identity
Introduction: Popular Culture: Between Propaganda and Entertainment Chapter 1: Geopolitics: Histories, Discourses, and Mediation Chapter 2: Popular Culture: Theories, Methods, and IntertextualityExpand
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The Improvised State: Sovereignty, Performance and Agency in Dayton Bosnia
Description: Over the past 15 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has served as a laboratory of techniques to re–establish state sovereignty and promote democracy. The post–conflict intervention in BosniaExpand
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Comic book visualities: a methodological manifesto on geography, montage and narration
This paper deals with comic books as both a textual and visual form, arguing that the present literatures on the geographies of reading and visuality neglect this kind of hybrid. Comic bookExpand
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Popular Geopolitics Past and Future: Fandom, Identities and Audiences
This short and hopefully provocative paper serves as both a retrospective of the past twenty years of critical work on so-called popular geopolitics and also an impetus for a more theoreticalExpand
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Emotional geographies
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