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CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs
Balanced Incomplete Block Designs and t-Designs2-(v,k,l) Designs of Small OrderBIBDs with Small Block Sizet-Designs, t = 3Steiner SystemsSymmetric DesignsResolvable and Near Resolvable DesignsLatinExpand
Handbook of Combinatorial Designs
PREFACE INTRODUCTION NEW! Opening the Door NEW! Design Theory: Antiquity to 1950 BLOCK DESIGNS 2-(v, k, ?) Designs of Small Order NEW! Triple Systems BIBDs with Small Block Size t-Designs with t = 3Expand
Contemporary design theory : a collection of surveys
Orthogonal Factorizations of Graphs (B. Alspach, et al.). Conjugate--Orthogonal Latin Squares and Related Structures (F. Bennett & L. Zhu). Directed and Mendelsohn Triple Systems (C. Colbourn & A.Expand
Handbook Of Applied Cryptography Crc Press
CRC Cryptography Provable Security (SS 2014) Menezes, van Oorschot, Vanstone: "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", CRC Press, 1996. Expand
Combinatorial Designs
The original publication may have contained graphics and more sophisticated formatting (such as hanging indents, borders, etc.) and typographical features, but where the author felt significant meaning was lost by not including an illustration or that it was impossible to convey the full meaning of the text without the graphic, the graphic is added to the text. Expand
An Analysis of $N\!K$ Landscapes: Interaction Structure, Statistical Properties, and Expected Number of Local Optima
  • J. Buzas, J. Dinitz
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
  • 1 December 2014
It is proved that NK landscapes can be represented by parametric linear interaction models where model coefficients have meaningful interpretations and the statistical properties of the model coefficients are derived, providing insight into how the NK algorithm parses importance to main effects and interactions. Expand
There are 526,915,620 nonisomorphic one‐factorizations of K12
We enumerate the nonisomorphic and the distinct one-factorizations of K12. We also describe the algorithm used to obtain the result, and the methods we used to verify these numbers. © 1994 John WileyExpand