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The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media
Table of Contents Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Engineering Sociality in a Culture of Connectivity 1.1 Introduction 1.2 From Networked Communication to Platformed Sociality 1.3 Making the Web Social:Expand
'You have one identity': performing the self on Facebook and LinkedIn
A comparative interface analysis between Facebook and LinkedIn is offered, suggesting that both platforms deploy similar principles of connectivity and narrative – strategies that can be succinctly revealed in recent interface changes. Expand
Mediated Memories in the Digital Age
This book discusses mediated memories as a Conceptual Tool, Composing the Self, Record and Hold, and Projecting the Family's Future Past in the Digital Age. Expand
Datafication, dataism and dataveillance: Big Data between scientific paradigm and ideology
Metadata and data have become a regular currency for citizens to pay for their communication services and security—a trade-off that has nestled into the comfort zone of most people. This articleExpand
Digital Photography: Communication, Identity, Memory.
How technical changes (digitization) combined with growing insights in cognitive science and socio-cultural transformations have affected personal photography is explored. Expand
Wikinomics and its discontents: a critical analysis of Web 2.0 business manifestos
How business gurus try to argue the universal benefits of a democratized and collectivist digital space is unraveled and it is revealed that they implicitly endorse a notion of public collectivism that functions entirely inside commodity culture. Expand
The Platform Society: Public Values in a Connective World
Individuals all over the world can use Airbnb to rent an apartment in a foreign city, check Coursera to find a course on statistics, join PatientsLikeMe to exchange information about one's disease,Expand
The Platform Society
Flickr and the culture of connectivity: Sharing views, experiences, memories
This article proposes regarding Flickr as a social media platform annex database that enables the construction of infinite connections, and suggests that Flickr should be treated as a single data store for social media platforms. Expand