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Citizen Science: A Developing Tool for Expanding Science Knowledge and Scientific Literacy
This article describes the model for building and operating citizen science projects that has evolved at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology over the past two decades and hopes that the model will inform the fields of biodiversity monitoring, biological research, and science education while providing a window into the culture of citizen science.
Citizen Science as an Ecological Research Tool: Challenges and Benefits
Citizen science, the involvement of volunteers in research, has increased the scale of ecological field studies with continent-wide, centralized monitoring efforts and, more rarely, tapping of
The current state of citizen science as a tool for ecological research and public engagement
Approaches to citizen science – an indispensable means of combining ecological research with environmental education and natural history observation – range from community-based monitoring to the use
Citizen Science as a Tool for Conservation in Residential Ecosystems
Human activities, such as mining, forestry, and agriculture, strongly influence processes in natural systems. Because conservation has focused on managing and protecting wildlands, research has
Ecology and evolution of cooperative breeding in birds
This book presents a meta-anatomy of sexual selection in birds and mammals, focusing on the role of courtship and courtship strategies in the courtship of birds and mammal species.
Eunuchs: The Role of Apyrene Sperm in Lepidoptera?
It is suggested that apyrene sperm are a morphological manifestation of a more widespread phenomenon wherein accessory sperm may play an important role in sperm competition.
Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality
It is argued that inclusive fitness theory has been of little value in explained the natural world, and that it has led to negligible progress in explaining the evolution of eusociality, but these arguments are based upon a misunderstanding of evolutionary theory and a misrepresentation of the empirical literature.
Citizen science: a new approach to advance ecology, education, and conservation
Citizen science has a long history in the ecological sciences and has made substantial contributions to science, education, and society. Developments in information technology during the last few
Cooperative breeding in vertebrates : studies of ecology, evolution, and behavior
This book describes how cooperation, infanticide, and female reproductive investment in a joint-nesting species Regina H. Macedo's cuckoos, a model for the integrative study of social behavior, and the dynamics of conflict and cooperation in a group-living society, changed over time.