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Ecological aspects of seed desiccation sensitivity
Summary 1 The ability of seeds to survive desiccation is an important functional trait and is an integral part of plant regeneration ecology. Despite this, the topic has received relatively littleExpand
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A Brief History of Seed Size
Improved phylogenies and the accumulation of broad comparative data sets have opened the way for phylogenetic analyses to trace trait evolution in major groups of organisms. We arrayed seed mass dataExpand
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Factors that shape seed mass evolution.
We used correlated divergence analysis to determine which factors have been most closely associated with changes in seed mass during seed plant evolution. We found that divergences in seed mass haveExpand
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Global patterns in seed size
Aim  To provide the first global quantification of the slope and shape of the latitudinal gradient in seed mass, and to determine whether global patterns in seed mass are best explained by growthExpand
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Temperature and Seed Storage Longevity
Seed survival data for eight diverse species, namely the cereal barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), the grain legumes chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] and soya beanExpand
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Seed Conservation: turning science into practice
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Which is a better predictor of plant traits: temperature or precipitation?
Question: Are plant traits more closely correlated with mean annual temperature, or with mean annual precipitation? Location: Global. Methods: We quantified the strength of the relationships betweenExpand
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Correlated evolution of genome size and seed mass.
Previous investigators have identified strong positive relationships between genome size and seed mass within species, and across species from the same genus and family. Here, we make the firstExpand
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Ranges of critical temperature and water potential values for the germination of species worldwide: Contribution to a seed trait database
Germination is the first essential stage in crop and food production, as well as for the establishment of trees and regeneration of wild species. Temperature and water potential are the primaryExpand
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