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Redes bayesianas para eleição da ventilação mecânica no pós-operatório de cirurgia cardíaca
INTRODUCTION: Mechanical ventilation in postoperative cardiac surgery can bring some respiratory complications for the patient. To minimize this risk is necessary for proper and rapid mechanicalExpand
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Teaching of electrocardiogram interpretation guided by a tutorial expert
Describes an approach to an intelligent tutorial system called CARDIOLOG, specially developed to help in teaching electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation to medical students. Although the system canExpand
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A New Kind of Production Multiplier for Assessing the Scale and Structure Effects of Demand Shocks in Input-Output Frameworks
The main purpose of this paper is to develop a new kind of input-output multiplier that would be particularly well suited to quantifying the impacts of final demand changes on the sectoral outputExpand
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Automatic Knowledge Discovery and Case Management: an Effective Way to Use Databases to Enhance Health Care Management
This paper presents a methodology based on automatic knowledge discovery that aims to identify and predict the possible causes that makes a patient to be considered of high cost. The experiments wereExpand
12th IFDC 2017 special issue – Brazilian Food Composition Table (TBCA): Development and functionalities of the online version
Abstract The first version of the Brazilian Food Composition Table (TBCA) website was created in 1998. Version 6.0, launched in 2017, was developed collaboratively by the Food Research Center,Expand
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Recuperação de Informação em Situações de Urgência-Emergência no Atendimento Pré-Hospitalar
This article presents a proposal of structuring and flexible retrieving of experience elements or described cases in the text format. The application domain is urgency-emergency services where theExpand
A new kind of production multipliers to assess scale and structure effects of demand shocks in input-output frameworks
The main purpose of this paper is to develop a new kind of input-output multiplier particularly well suited to quantify the impacts of final demand changes (in consumption, investment or exports) onExpand
O artigo objetiva apresentar os resultados da identificacao de usuarios com doencas cardiovasculares, elegiveis para ingresso em programas de gerenciamento de casos, a partir da aplicacao daExpand
Análise da qualidade de uso e interface com o usuário de softwares brasileiros de apoio à nutrição clínica
The objective of this article is to show a comparative of using and interface quality between two Brazilian softwares used to nutritional state and dietetic prescription assessment on patients withExpand