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Kinematics of the western Mediterranean
Summary The kinematic understanding of the relationship between relative plate motion and the structure of orogenic belts depends upon a knowledge of relative plate motion across the plate boundaryExpand
The tectonic evolution of the Tibetan Plateau
The Tibetan Plateau, between the Kunlun Shan and the Himalayas, consists of terranes accreted successively to Eurasia. The northernmost, the Songban Ganzi Terrane, was accreted to the KunlunExpand
The Cambrian-Silurian tectonic evolution of the northern Appalachians and British Caledonides: history of a complex, west and southwest Pacific-type segment of Iapetus
Abstract This paper presents new ideas on the Early Palaeozoic geography and tectonic history of the Iapetus Ocean involved in the formation of the northern Appalachian-British Caledonide Orogen.Expand
Shortening of continental lithosphere: the neotectonics of Eastern Anatolia — a young collision zone
Summary We use the tectonics of Eastern Anatolia to exemplify many of the different aspects of collision tectonics, namely the formation of plateaux, thrust belts, foreland flexures, widespreadExpand
Plate Tectonics and the Evolution of the Alpine System
It is contended that the Late Triassic to present-day gross evolution of the Alpine system in the Mediterranean region has been the result of activity along an evolving network of accreting,Expand
Extensional collapse of orogens
Lithospheric extension is sited, preferentially, along orogenic belts because they have a thicker continental crust, contain structural inhomogeneities, and suffer extensional orogenic collapseExpand
A plate-kinematic framework for models of Caribbean evolution
Abstract We define the former relative positions and motions of the plates whose motions have controlled the geological evolution of the Caribbean region. Newly determined poles of rotation definingExpand
Aegean and surrounding regions: Complex multiplate and continuum tectonics in a convergent zone
The tectonics of the Aegean region involves complex slip patterns across the boundaries of several microplates that segment the end of the Anatolian plate, which is moving in a westward directionExpand
Permo‐Triassic reconstruction of western Pangea and the evolution of the Gulf of MexicosCaribbean region
A Permo-Triassic reconstruction of western Pangea (North America, South America, Africa) is proposed that is characterized by (1) definition of the North Atlantic fit by matching of marginal offsetsExpand
Changing Silurian–Devonian relative plate motion in the Caledonides: sinistral transpression to sinistral transtension
The late Silurian to mid- or late Devonian interval in the Caledonides was a period dominated, sequentially, by sinistral transpression, strike-slip and transtension during the development of mainlyExpand