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Beside the Golden Door: Policy, Politics, and the Homeless
James Wright's Address Unknown: The Homeless in America focused on the problem of homelessness during the mid-to-late 1980s, making an important contribution to the then-emerging public debate of aExpand
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Macroeconomic and Social-Control Policy Influences on Crime Rate Changes, 1948-1985
Informed by the insights of political economy, this study investigates the often-presumed though empirically elusive relationship between societal economic distress and crime. In a social-indicatorsExpand
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Predicting parental involvement in children's schooling within an economically disadvantaged African American sample
Predictors of parental school involvement were examined within a sample of 159 economically disadvantaged, African American parents living in an urban setting. School involvement was defined in termsExpand
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Losing the housing game. The leveling effects of substance abuse.
Analysis of the housing dynamics and individual characteristics of a sample of 670 participants in the New Orleans Homeless Substance Abusers Program reveals substantial diversity with respect toExpand
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Factors that interact with treatment to predict outcomes in substance abuse programs for the homeless.
This paper reviews the main treatment effects observed in the New Orleans Homeless Substance Abusers Project and then analyzes and discusses factors that appear to interact with treatment to produceExpand
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Counting the Homeless
Shelter and Street Night (S-Night) was the recent effort by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to include selected components of the nation's homeless population in the 1990 decennial count. Teams ofExpand
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Tracking non-traditional populations in longitudinal studies☆
Abstract As health services research focuses on prevention and drug treatment programs for special populations, maintaining panel samples at adequate levels over time becomes more important.Expand
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Housing dynamics of the homeless: implications for a count.
Housing dynamics of homeless people limit all efforts to count them. Data on 60-day housing histories from a sample of homeless substance abusers in New Orleans show that homeless people spendExpand
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Unequal Return: The Uneven Resettlements of New Orleans’ Uptown Neighborhoods
This article examines early resettlement of four neighborhoods in New Orleans’ Uptown district, which was among the first areas to officially reopen for residential return. Drawing on survey dataExpand
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Crime and Unemployment: Effects across Age and Race Categories
Despite numerous studies, the nature of the unemployment-crime relationship remains controversial. The relationship should be clearer for some segments of the population than for others, but isExpand
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