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Diversity of Sulfur Isotope Fractionations by Sulfate-Reducing Prokaryotes
ABSTRACT Batch culture experiments were performed with 32 different sulfate-reducing prokaryotes to explore the diversity in sulfur isotope fractionation during dissimilatory sulfate reduction byExpand
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FISH Shows That Desulfotomaculum spp. Are the Dominating Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in a Pristine Aquifer
The hydrochemistry and the microbial diversity of a pristine aquifer system near Garzweiler, Germany, were characterized. Hydrogeochemical and isotopic data indicate a recent activity ofExpand
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Sulfate Reduction at a Lignite Seam: Microbial Abundance and Activity
In a combined isotope geochemical and microbiological investigation, a setting of multiple aquifers was characterized. Biologically mediated redox processes were observed in the aquifers situated inExpand
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