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Chemosensors of ion and molecule recognition
Preface. Modification of Cyclodextrins to Control their Guest-Host Chemistry and Their Application as Chemosensors J.H.T. Luong. New Fluorescent Readouts for Protein Interactions, Gene Expression,Expand
Self-assembling and light-harvesting properties of fluorescent linear condensed aromatic gelators
The self-assembling and photophysical properties of soluble fluorescent linear condensed aromatic gelators are reported. The gels formed by 2,3-alkoxy derivatives are constituted of nanofibersExpand
Photodimerization of anthracenes in fluid solution:structural aspects
Owing to their versatile photophysical and photochemical properties, anthracene and its derivatives are being employed in many systems, for instance as energy migration probes in polymers, tripletExpand
Structural effects on the ground and excited-state properties of photoswitchable hydrogen-bonding receptors.
In these systems, the thermally reversible [4pi + 4pi] photodimerization of the anthracenes yields macrocyclic receptors (TnC) that possess significantly reduced affinity toward barbital as compared to their acyclic counterparts. Expand
Formation of a hydrogen-bonded barbiturate [2]-rotaxane.
Interlocked structures containing the classic Hamilton barbiturate binding motif comprising two 2,6-diamidopyridine units are reported for the first time. Stable [2]-rotaxanes can be accessed eitherExpand
Self-assembly of soluble anthracene, tetracene and pentacene derivatives
New soluble disubstituted acenes (tetracene, pentacene) have been designed in order to mimic 2,3-alkoxy derivatives of anthracene. They have been shown to self-assemble and gellify a large variety ofExpand
Synthetic models related to deoxyribonucleic acid base–psoralen interactions. Syntheses and studies of bichromophore systems containing psoralen moieties
The syntheses of new bispsoralen derivatives (IIn) and (IIIm) are reported. The photophysical properties of these potential deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) bisintercalating drugs are studied and comparedExpand
Photodimerization of anthracenes in fluid solutions: (part 2) mechanistic aspects of the photocycloaddition and of the photochemical and thermal cleavage
One of the classics in photochemistry, the photodimerization of anthracenes can be considered as a paradigm of the photocycloaddition of non saturated hydrocarbons. The historical steps of theExpand
Energy transfer in self-assembled [N]-acene fibers involving > or =100 donors per acceptor.
Anthracene derivatives self-assemble into fibers with a high molecular order, as is evidenced by probing the structure with energy-trapping tetracene analogues. Efficient energy transfer processesExpand