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Plasticity and robustness of pattern formation in the model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
Investigation of the spatial and temporal development of siliceous structures found in a model diatom species, Phaeodactylum tricornutum, reveals that the process of silicification starts from a 'pi-like' structure that controls the spatial organization of a sternum upon which regular instabilities are initiated and developed.
New tools for labeling silica in living diatoms.
New probes were developed specifically to label the pre-existing or the newly synthesized silica frustule of several diatoms species, and it was demonstrated that methoxysilane derivatives can be coupled to fluorescein-5-isothiocyanate (FITC) to preferentially label the silica components of living cells.
Prospects in diatom research.
BioExcom : Automatic Annotation and categorization of speculative sentences in biological literature by a Contextual Exploration processing
The BioExcom software, an adaptation of EXCOM platform to biology field, is presented, which annotates automatically all speculative sentences in full texts papers by the means of the Contextual Exploration processing.
Silicon in the photosynthetic lineages: molecular mechanisms for uptake and deposition.
The great potentiality of using Si biomineralization processes has recently been realized, for both plant biotechnology purposes and for the development of new biomimetic or “eco-friendly” approaches in Si chemistry and new materials design.
BioExcom: Detection and Categorization of Speculative Sentences in Biomedical Literature
This work shows that it is possible to detect and categorize speculative sentences without computational deep linguistic analyses and could be useful for biologists who are interested by finding new hypothesis in literature.
Automatic annotation of speculation in biomedical texts: new perspectives and large-scale evaluation
This work enables it to highlight a more restrictive way to consider speculations, viewed as a source of knowledge, and to discuss the criteria used to determine if a sentence is speculative or not.
Towards automatic thematic sheets based on discursive categories in biomedical literature
A linguistic model based on the discursive categories is proposed to develop the BioExcom tool for the automatic production of thematic sheets using the Contextual Exploration processing and will be developed using the proposed linguistic markers.