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Statistical methods for estimating species richness of woody regeneration in primary and secondary rain forests of northeastern Costa Rica
The study of plant communities requires a basic understanding of the abundance, distribution, and number of species present. Yet, in obtaining this information, scientists can rarely sample theExpand
Evolutionary hypotheses about how so many species of tropical rainforest trees might have arisen include (a) genetic drift (71), (b) habitat specialization (8) in benign environments, or (c) repeatedExpand
Light regimes beneath closed canopies and tree-fall gaps in temperate and tropical forests
Light regimes beneath closed canopies and tree-fall gaps are compared for five temperate and tropical forests using fish-eye photography of intact forest canopies and a model for calculating lightExpand
A Risk-Assessment System for Screening Out Invasive Pest Plants from Hawaii and Other Pacific Islands
: Ecosystems of Hawaii and other Pacific Islands have been greatly affected by invasive pest plants, and ongoing, deliberate plant introductions make it likely that additional pest plants will becomeExpand
Gap Partitioning among Tropical Rainforest Trees
Published observations on adaptations for seed disperal and seedling establishment are consistent with the hypothesis that rainforest trees partition forest clearings as establishment sites forExpand
Density and diversity of lianas along a chronosequence in a central Panamanian lowland forest
The abundance and diversity of lianas were examined along a tropical forest chronosequence at the Barro Colorado Nature Monument, Panama. Lianas ≥0.5 cm diameter were sampled along transects in twoExpand
Seed Ecology
Changes in vegetation structure and composition along a tropical forest chronosequence: implications for wildlife
Changes in tropical forest structure and species composition that occur during regeneration following land abandonment may have important consequences for wildlife populations. Many animals rely onExpand
Treefall gap size effects on above‐ and below‐ground processes in a tropical wet forest
1 We examined the effects of variation in gap size on above- and below-ground light and nutrient processes in a tropical wet forest in Costa Rica. 2 Trees were felled to create canopy openingsExpand