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Applied Numerical Linear Algebra
  • J. Demmel
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 1 September 1997
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Linear equation solving 3. Linear least squares problems 4. Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue problems 5. The symmetric Eigenproblem and singular value decomposition 6. IterativeExpand
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LAPACK Users' Guide, 3rd ed.
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An updated set of basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS)
L. SUSAN BLACKFORD Myricom, Inc. JAMES DEMMEL University of California, Berkeley JACK DONGARRA The University of Tennessee IAIN DUFF Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERFACS SVEN HAMMARLINGExpand
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A Supernodal Approach to Sparse Partial Pivoting
We investigate several ways to improve the performance of sparse LU factorization with partial pivoting, as used to solve unsymmetric linear systems. We introduce the notion of unsymmetric supernodesExpand
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Benchmarking GPUs to tune dense linear algebra
We present performance results for dense linear algebra using recent NVIDIA GPUs. Our matrix-matrix multiply routine (GEMM) runs up to 60% faster than the vendor's implementation and approaches theExpand
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LAPACK User's Guide
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IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic
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Accurate Singular Values of Bidiagonal Matrices
Computing the singular values of a bidiagonal matrix is the final phase of the standard algorithm for the singular value decomposition of a general matrix. A new algorithm that computes all the sin...
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LAPACK Users' Guide, Third Edition
Preface to the third edition Preface to the secondedition Part 1. Guide. 1. Essentials 2. Contents of LAPACK 3. Performance of LAPACK 4. Accuracy and Stability 5. Documentation and SoftwareExpand
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SuperLU_DIST: A scalable distributed-memory sparse direct solver for unsymmetric linear systems
We present the main algorithmic features in the software package SuperLU_DIST, a distributed-memory sparse direct solver for large sets of linear equations. We give in detail our parallelizationExpand
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