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Cosmetic, Speculative, and Adaptive Organizational Change in the Wine Industry: A Longitudinal Study
Jacques Delacroix Santa Clara University Anand Swaminathan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor In this longitudinal study of the California Wine industry between 1946 and 1984, we used event-historyExpand
Organizational Foundings: An Ecological Study of the Newspaper Industries of Argentina and Ireland
This research was supported by NIMH Grant #2T232MH15149-03 to the Organizations Research Training Program at Stanford University (W. Richard Scott, Director) and by NSF Grant #SES-8109382 to MichaelExpand
Errata: Organizational Mortality in the Newspaper Industries of Argentina and Ireland: An Ecological Approach
This research was supported by NIMH Grant #2T232MH15149-03 to the Organizations Research Training Program at Stanford University and by NSF Grant #SOC78-12315 to Michael T. Hannan and Nancy BrandonExpand
The Beloved Myth: Protestantism and the Rise of Industrial Capitalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe
We investigate the thesis widely credited to Max Weber that Protestantism contributed to the rise of industrial capitalism by estimating the associations between the percentage of Protestants and theExpand
In this ecological study we show that the particular curvilinear formulation of the relationship between density and the failing rate of organizations proposed by Hannan and Freeman does not hold forExpand
Structural Blockage: A Cross-National Study of Economic Dependency, State Efficacy, and Underdevelopment
This cross-national study of the effects of dependency and state efficacy on development supports the "structural blockage" argument of dependency theory. According to this argument, internationalExpand
Differentiation Within An Organizational Population: Additional Evidence from The Wine Industry
In this study of California wineries observed between 1940 and 1984, we showed that organizations within a population may escape competitive pressures through differentiation. Both wineries founded...
Can Protectionism Ever Be Respectable? A Skeptic's Case for the Cultural Exception, with Special Reference to French Movies
free book of your choice* such as the 25th Anniversary Edition of Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government, by Founding Editor Robert Higgs. This quarterlyExpand
Niche Formation and Entrepreneurship in the California Wine Industry 1941-1984.
We use time series analysis to explore the plausibility of a model of winery founding in which wine imports define a new niche favoring new ventures. This exploration illustrates how organizational...