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Associations between anthropometric characteristics and physical performance in male law enforcement officers: a retrospective cohort study
BackgroundPolice officers are often required to undertake physically demanding tasks, like lifting, dragging and pursuing a suspect. Therefore, physical performance is a keyExpand
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Physical Fitness Characteristics of High vs. Low Performers on an Occupationally Specific Physical Agility Test for Patrol Officers
Abstract Dawes, JJ, Lindsay, K, Bero J, Elder C, Kornhauser C, and Holmes, R. Physical fitness characteristics of high vs. low performers on an occupationally specific physical agility test forExpand
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Isokinetic Strength and Performance in Collegiate Women’s Soccer
Soccer research in exercise science has focused on men's soccer, while women's soccer has been underrepresented in training studies, as well as in studies focusing on physiological variables. TheExpand
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A physical fitness profile of state highway patrol officers by gender and age
BackgroundLaw enforcement officers perform physically demanding tasks that generally remain constant as they age. However, there is limited population-specific research on age, gender and normativeExpand
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Self-Reported Physical Tasks and Exercise Training in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams
Abstract Davis, MR, Easter, RL, Carlock, JM, Weiss, LW, Longo, EA, Smith, LM, Dawes, JJ, and Schilling, BK. Self-reported physical tasks and exercise training in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)Expand
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Accuracy of self-reported height, body mass and derived body mass index in a group of United States law enforcement officers
Height and body mass data is often self-reported by study participants. However, the accuracy of self-reported height and body mass data compared to these same measures collected by researchers isExpand
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Relationship of Two Vertical Jumping Tests to Sprint and Change of Direction Speed among Male and Female Collegiate Soccer Players
In collegiate level soccer acceleration, maximal velocity and agility are essential for successful performance. Power production is believed to provide a foundation for these speed qualities. TheExpand
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Assessing Differences in Anthropometric and Fitness Characteristics Between Police Academy Cadets and Incumbent Officers
Abstract Orr, RM, Dawes, JJ, Pope, R, and Terry, J. Assessing differences in anthropometric and fitness characteristics between police academy cadets and incumbent officers. J Strength Cond ResExpand
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A Comparison of VO2 Measurement Obtained by a Physiological Monitoring Device and the Cosmed Quark CPET
The purpose of this study was to compare the results of measurements of VO2 as obtained by the Zephyr Bioharness (ZB) and the Cosmed Quark CPET Metabolic cart (CM). Both ZB and CM have been provenExpand
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