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Food Prices
  • J. Davis
  • Medicine
  • The Hospital
  • 31 January 1920
Food prices in 1997 rose slightly more at eating places than at supermarkets and other grocery stores (fig. 28, table 95). Food prices in grocery stores rose 2.5 percent, while prices for restaurantExpand
The population upsurge in the United States
Variations in Wheat Prices
The Voluntary Domestic Allotment Plan for Wheat
Food Research Institute
The Population Upsurge and the American Economy, 1945-80
  • J. Davis
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 October 1953
1 This paper is a sequel to J. S. Davis, "Our Changed Population Outlook and Its Significance," American Economic Review, XLII (June, 1952), 304-25, numerous references in which are not repeatedExpand
Population and Resources
Population and Resources: Discussion of Papers by Frank W. Notestein and P. V. Cardon
My general observations, though prepared with reference to both Dr. Cardon's and Dr. Notestein's papers, are all relevant to the latter. First let me summarize a few of their points that deserveExpand
Adam Smith and the Human Stomach
I. Adam Smith and man's wants, 275. — II. Extent to which wants for food are satiated, 276. — III. Relation of the capacity of the human stomach to satiation of wants for food, 278. — IV. VariationsExpand