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Gain scheduled neural network tuned pi feedback control system for the lansce accelerator
The current LANSCE LLRF system is an analog PI Feedback control system which achieves the amplitude and phase error within 1% and 1 degree. Expand
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Progress on new high power RF system for lansce DTL
A new 201 MHz RF system is being developed for the LANSCE proton drift tube linac (DTL). Expand
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Use of Alprazolam to Facilitate Mare‐Foal Bonding in an Aggressive Postparturient Mare
A healthy 11-year old, 577 kg maiden Quarter Horse mare was examined at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center with a 4-day old colt because the mare would bite or kick the foal when the foal attemptedExpand
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Fast Totem-Pole Grid-Catch Mod-Anode Modulator for the Indiana University "LENS" Klystron RF Amplifier System
This paper provides the electrical design and test results of the newly designed mod-anode modulators for the Indiana University Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS) klystron RF amplifier system. TheExpand
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Toward imploding spherical plasma liner formation via an array of merging supersonic plasma jets
Summary form only given. Imploding spherical plasma liners formed by an array of merging supersonic plasma jets are a potential standoff compression driver for magneto-inertial fusion.1, 2 FromExpand