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Surface Integrity in Machining
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Modelling of surface finish and tool flank wear in turning of AISI D2 steel with ceramic wiper inserts
Tool nose design affects the surface finish and productivity in finish hard turning processes. Surface finishing and tool flank wear have been investigated in finish turning of AISI D2 steels (60Expand
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Tools (Geometry and Material) and Tool Wear
This chapter presents the basic definitions and visualisations of the major components of the cutting tool geometry important in the consideration of the machining process. Expand
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Study of delamination in drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) using design experiments
Abstract In this paper is presented a new comprehensive approach to select cutting parameters for damage-free drilling in carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite material. The approach is based on aExpand
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Machining : fundamentals and recent advances
Metal Cutting Mechanics, Finite Element Modelling Tools (Geometry and Material) and Tool Wear Workpiece Surface Integrity Machining of Hard Materials Machining of Particulate-reinforced Metal MatrixExpand
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Analysis of parametric influence on delamination in high-speed drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composites
In this paper, the effects of process parameters on delamination during high-speed drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite are presented. The damage caused at the entrance of theExpand
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Machinability evaluation in hard turning of cold work tool steel (D2) with ceramic tools using statistical techniques
Abstract Turning hardened tool steel using ceramic cutting tool, has certain advantages over the traditional turning/hardening/cylindrical grinding practice in terms of increased productivity andExpand
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Drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics manufactured by autoclave: experimental and statistical study
Drilling laminates composites materials are significantly affected by delamination tendency of these materials under action of cutting forces (thrust force and torque). On the other hand, drilling isExpand
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Design of optimisation of cutting parameters for turning metal matrix composites based on the orthogonal arrays
  • J. Davim
  • Materials Science
  • 10 January 2003
Abstract This paper presents a study of the influence of cutting conditions (cutting velocity and feed) and cutting time on turning metal matrix composites (MMCs). A plan of experiments, based on theExpand
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Damage and dimensional precision on milling carbon fiber-reinforced plastics using design experiments
Abstract Milling composite materials is a rather complex task owing to its heterogeneity and the number of problems, such as surface delamination, that appear during the machining process, associatedExpand
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