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Analysis of Surface Integrity in Drilling Metal Matrix and Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
Hybrid metal matrix composites consist of at least three constituents—a metal or an alloy matrix and two reinforcements in various forms, bonded together at the atomic level in the composite. DespiteExpand
Machining of Metal Matrix Composites
The design and manufacture of medical devices
Role of Powder in the Machining of Al-10%Sicp Metal Matrix Composites by Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining
This article reports the results of an experimental study conducted with the objective to understand the mechanism of material removal (role of silicon powder) in powder mixed electric dischargeExpand
Cutting force, tool wear and surface finish in drilling metal matrix composites
Abstract In this paper the evolution of the cutting force, tool wear and surface finish, measured when drilling the metal matrix composite A356/20/SiCp-T6, is presented. The experimental work wasExpand
Surface Engineering Techniques and Applications: Research Advancements
Surface engineering includes many facets of materials science that help regulate the function, quality and safety of products such as automotive, textile and electronic materials. New technologiesExpand
Experimental characterization of frictional behaviour of clutch facings using Pin-on-disk machine
During the clutch engagement manoeuvre, sliding contact occurs between the pair of clutch facings mounted on the friction disk and the counter faces belonging to the flywheel and the pressure plate.Expand
Effect of Filler Materials on Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Polymer Matrix Composites - A Taguchi Approach
The tribological behaviour of glass epoxy polymer composites with SiC and Graphite particles as secondary fillers was studied using a pin-on-disc wear rig under dry sliding conditions. The influenceExpand
An investigation of the effect of work piece reinforcing percentage on the machinability of Al-SiC metal matrix composites
This paper presents the study of the tool wear mechanism in machining the metal matrix composites (MMC) and its dependence on the percentage of reinforcing with MMC. Aluminum alloy (A356 - SiC)Expand
Tribological characterization of particulate-reinforced aluminum metal matrix nanocomposites: A review
Aluminum (Al)-based composites are on increasing usage in sectors like ground transportation, aerospace, sports, and infrastructure because of the improved properties such as high strength to weightExpand