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Differential chromosome pairing affinities at meiosis in polyploid sugarcane revealed by molecular markers
This example illustrates the unsystematic meiotic behavior in a complex polyploid and highlights a continuous range of pairing affinities between chromosomes and pinpoints a strong role of individual chromosome features, partly related to their ancestral origin, in the determination of these affinITIES.
Peer Reviewed Title: Social Traditions and the Maintenance and Loss of Geographic Variation in Mating Patterns of Brown-Headed Cowbirds
Social traditional processes in cowbirds can create, maintain, or dissolve population-level differences in courtship and communication, indicating that the social background of an individual can impact its ability to court, pair, and mate with individuals of one behavioral tradition/population relative to individuals of another behavioral traditions/population.
DIETARY PLASTICITY DURING MIGRATION-- Parrish 55 243 250 256 260 264 269 273 278 282 287 292 Sampling Date
Dietary plasticity is widespread and frequent in many landbird species during migration and typically involves shifts from stereotyped insectivorous diets during the breeding season to inclusion of
Black-throated Green Warblers (Dendroica virens) use coniferous vegetation as foraging and perching substrates at coastal sites in Maine and predominantly deciduous vegetation at inland sites in
The effect of temperature variability on the adult population of six seabird species breeding in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
Ten years' worth of data suggests that the increase in sea surface temperature in the area did not negatively influence the inter-annual variability of the adult seabird population and the peak ofSea surface temperature was strongly linked to the start of egg-laying for the Great Crested Tern.