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Polychaete/amphipod ratio revisited.
In this paper, we reexamine the opportunistic polychaete/amphipod ratio, modifying it to allow estuarine and coastal communities to be divided into the five classes suggested by the European WaterExpand
Recent expansion of two invasive crabs species Hemigrapsus sanguineus (de Haan, 1835) and H. takanoi Asakura and Watanabe 2005 along the Opal Coast, France
Nowadays, invasions of invertebrate species in coastal ecosystems have become an ineluctable and irreversible phenomenon. The recent introduction of two western pacific crustacean decapods—the AsianExpand
Paradox of estuarine quality: benthic indicators and indices, consensus or debate for the future.
  • J. Dauvin
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Marine pollution bulletin
  • 2007
The European Water Framework Directive will have instituted the concept of Ecological Quality Status (EQS) as a way to assess the biological quality of water masses. The EQS will be based mainly uponExpand
Amphipods are good bioindicators of the impact of oil spills on soft-bottom macrobenthic communities
The Amoco Cadiz oil spill in 1978, and the Aegean Sea oil spill in 1992, affected soft-bottom communities, respectively from the Bay of Morlaix (western English Channel) and from the Ria de Ares andExpand
The ecological quality status of the Bay of Seine and the Seine estuary: use of biotic indices.
Using recent indices developed, in part, for use under the European Water Framework Directive (AMBI, BENTIX, BOPA, BQI, I2EC and the trophic index ITI), the ecological quality status of two highlyExpand
Impact of the Aegean Sea oil spill on the subtidal fine sand macrobenthic community of the Ares-Betanzos Ria (Northwest Spain).
Two sites located in the sublittoral fine-sand macrobenthic community of the Ares-Betanzos Ria were sampled over four years (December 1992-November 1996) in the wake of the Aegean Sea oil spill. ThisExpand
Environmental control of mesozooplankton community structure in the Seine estuary (English Channel)
Abstract This paper is the first to describe the spatio-temporal changes of mesozooplankton in the Seine estuary. Monthly samples were collected along the estuary in 1996 in order to analyse theExpand
Taxonomic level for assessing oil spill effects on soft-bottom sublittoral benthic communities.
Infralittoral soft-bottom macrofauna abundance data collected during four-year surveys after the Aegean Sea (Galicia, Spain) and the Amoco Cadiz oil spill (Brittany, France) at a total of seven sitesExpand