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Conservation in the Anthropocene.
IT HAS BECOME COMMONPLACE to remark that humans are now the dominant environmental force on the Earth. The indications are strong and diverse. They range from paleontologists reaching a consensusExpand
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The Empire Project: The Rise and Fall of the British World-System, 1830-1970
Introduction: the project of an Empire Part I. Towards 'The Sceptre of the World': The Elements of Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century: 1. Victorian origins 2. The octopus power 3. The commercialExpand
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Britain and decolonisation : the retreat from empire in the post-war world
Britain and Decolonisation - War and Empire 1939-45 - Britain's Imperial Crisis 1945-48 - World Power or Decline? - Empire and Nationalism in the 1950s - Winds of Change - Winding Up - SuccessorExpand
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After Tamerlane : the global history of empire since 1405
Tamerlane was the last of the 'world conquerors': his armies looted and killed from the shores of the Mediterranean to the frontier of China. Nomad horsemen from the Steppes had been the terror ofExpand
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Unfinished Empire: The Global Expansion of Britain
This is a both controversial and comprehensive historical analysis of how the British Empire worked, from Wolfson Prize-winning author and historian John Darwin. The British Empire shaped the worldExpand
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The End of the British Empire: The Historical Debate
Domestic politics and Britain's imperial retreat economics and the end of Empire international politics and the end of Empire the onslaught of colonial nationalism.
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Orphans of Empire
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Empire and ethnicity
. Historians and social scientists have typically assumed a conflictual or exploitative relationship between empire and ethnicity. On the one hand, empire might be seen (as perhaps Ernest Gellner sawExpand
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