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Transplantation of Nuclei from Cell to Cell
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Cytological Demonstration of Alkaline Phosphatase
Jacoby and Martin1 have recently pointed out that diffusion of phosphatase may occur during the process of incubation which forms part of the technique of Gomori and Takamatsu for the cytologicalExpand
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Submicroscopic Morphology of Protoplasm and its Derivatives
THE second edition of Prof. Frey-Wyssling's book is, as would be expected, a most stimulating work. It comprises three sections. The first is concerned with methods for investigating submicroscopicExpand
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The Biology of the Cell Surface
DR. JUST has written an interesting account of his personal views on a group of subjects including fertilization, cell division, and the function of chromosomes. The first part of the book, dealingExpand
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Establishment of Cyto-Chemical Techniques
IntroductionIN"the latter half of the nineteenth century there developed a great wave of interest in cytology and histology. The experimental basis of this wave was the use of synthetic dyes for theExpand
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Establishment of Cytochemical Techniques
WHILE I welcome a measure of support which Drs. Baker and Sanders give to my criticisms of cytochemical techniques, their letter leaves no doubt that the principle underlying my article has evadedExpand
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Nucleus and Cytoplasm in Cellular Inheritance
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Cytochemical Demonstration of Ketosteroids
IN a number of cytochemical papers1,2 it has been claimed that α-hydroxyketones, such as deoxy-corticosterone, give a purple colour with reduced fuchsin in Feulgen's ‘plasmal’ reaction. In thisExpand
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Phosphatase on Chromosomes
WHEN the tissues of Craniata are treated by the technique of Takamatsu1 and of Gomorri2, alkaline phosphatase is found to be present in the cell nuclei. Willmer3 has observed that in mitosis inExpand
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Alkaline Phosphatase and Contractile Proteins
ALKALINE phosphomonoesterase is usually defined as an enzyme with a pH. optimum around 9.5 which splits monoesters of phosphoric acid. Relatively recently it was found that the comparable acidExpand
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