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The Empirical Development of an Instrument to Measure Writing Apprehension.
tinuing research project which is looking at the interrelation between attitudes, particularly apprehension about writing, and various other outcomes. Fear of writing may not only produce less adept
Writing Apprehension and Writing Competency
AbstractWriting apprehension is a situation and subject-specific individual difference concerned with people’s general tendencies to approach or avoid writing. Theoretically, and on the basis of
Apprehension of Writing as a Predictor of Message Intensity.
The finding that individuals with high apprehension of writing encoded significantly less intense messages than did those with low apprehension offers support for both a theoretic proposition concerning the role of language intensity in persuasive messages and the predictive validity of the writing apprehension measure.
The affinity-seeking function of communication
A model of the affinity‐seeking function of communication is introduced and explicated. The affinity‐seeking construct describes ways people get others to like and feel positive about them. The
Personality and interpersonal communication
PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES Personality and Interpersonal Communication - John A Daly Issues and Directions Personality and Communication - Thomas M Steinfatt Classical Approaches PART TWO: COMMUNICATION
The Sage handbook of interpersonal communication
PART I: Basic Issues and Approaches 1. Background and Current Trends in the Study of Interpersonal Communication - Mark L. Knapp & John A. Daly PART II: Perspectives on Inquiry 2. Quantitative Social
Avoiding Communication: Shyness, Reticence, and Communication Apprehension
This new edition represents a summation of the extensive work that has been done on communication apprehension, shyness, reticence, and so forth. It is an invaluable introduction to the area for the
This paper reports the development of a measure of perceived homophily. In both an initial investigation and in four subsequent studies employing samples from diverse populations, four dimensions of
Further Studies on Writing Apprehension: SAT Scores, Success Expectations, Willingness to Take Advanced Courses, and Sex Differences.
In the preceding paper, we suggested that a construct we termed "writing apprehension" might have powerful effects on individuals' attitudes towards, and behavior in, writing courses. This follow-up
The Effects of Writing Apprehension on Message Encoding
Dij.ferences were found between high apprehensive and low apprehensive writers in rate, verbal qualification and rating of message quality. as measured by self report instruments, is factorially