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Marine Molluscs as Indicators of Environmental Change in Glaciated North America and Greenland During the Last 18 000 Years
Dated mollusc collections are classified in assemblages to map paleo-faunistic zones. Hiatella arctica and Mya truncata account for almost half the records and comprise a restricted arcticExpand
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Impact of automatic milking on animal health.
Assessments of cow health on the transition of the herd from conventional to automated milking (AM), by use of a milking robot, have been made on up to fifteen farms in each of three EuropeanExpand
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Coming to Terms with the Murderer: Explanatory Mechanisms and Narrative Strategies in Three American Novels with Transgressive Protagonists
Abstract: The attempt to rehabilitate a murdering protagonist is common in American fiction. In naturalist novels this is achieved by ‘explaining’ the crime. However, a parallel strategy involvingExpand
Integrating Sustainability as a Learning Tool.
Educational Facility Planner / Volume 45: Issue 3 www.cefpi.org With more than a decade of LEED, CHPS and similar green school initiatives, we really have made an impact on the educationalExpand
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Our Journey to Freire
In this chapter, we discuss our concern that Freire’s ideas have become sloganized due to the paucity of philosophical coursework in the teacher education curriculum. The complexity of Freire’sExpand
True Fiction: Chronicle of a Death Foretold