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Aristarchus of Samos: The Ancient Copernicus
ARISTARCHUS, who flourished in the first half of the third century B.C., is chiefly known as the only philosopher or astronomer of antiquity who taught that the earth moves, round the sun. ThisExpand
The Human Factor
THE fact that, our industrial system has a human, as well as a material, side has been brought prominently into view in recent times, and it is beginning to be recognised clearly that no perfect orExpand
The Collected Works of Olbers
GERMANY has not produced as many amateur astronomers as England has, but among them the man whose complete writings have now been published occupies a most remarkable place. Olbers was an amateur,Expand
The Physiological Action of Light
II.DETERMINATION of Electro-motive Force.—Soon after the first experiments were announced, certain physiologists said that although the results of the action of light which I have just described mayExpand
An Introduction to the Psychological Problems of Industry
It sounds good when knowing the an introduction to the psychological problems of industry in this website. This is one of the books that many people looking for. In the past, many people ask aboutExpand
Centenary of the Death of William Herschel
ON August 25, 1822—a hundred years ago—William Herschel died at Slough, aged eighty-three years and nine months. His scientific activity had continued almost to the end of his long life. His lastExpand
Ulugh Beg's Catalogue of Stars, revised from all Persian manuscripts existing in Great Britain, with a vocabulary of Persian and Arabic words
THIS work forms a sequel to Mr. Knobel's edition of Ptolemy's Catalogue (see NATURE, vol. xcvii., p. 282). Owing to the war he has only been able to use codices existing in England, but these areExpand
“Tom Tower,” Christ Church, Oxford Some Letters of Sr Christopher Wren to John Fell, Bishop of Oxford
THIS book was published in honour of the bicentenary of Wren's death on February 25. The author had been called upon to direct some necessary repairs to the buildings of Christ Church College,Expand
Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars
JUST forty years ago the late Prof. Peters, of Clinton, New York, and Mr. Knobel began independently, and without either of them knowing of the other's work, to investigate the Catalogue of Stars inExpand