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The molecular structure of spider dragline silk: Folding and orientation of the protein backbone
The design principles of spider dragline silk, nature's high-performance fiber, are still largely unknown, in particular for the noncrystalline glycine-rich domains, which form the bulk of theExpand
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Operator-based Floquet theory in solid-state NMR.
This article reviews the application of operator-based Floquet theory in solid-state NMR. Basic expressions for calculating effective Hamiltonians based on van Vleck perturbation theory are reviewedExpand
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Spherical tensor analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance signals.
In a nuclear magnetic-resonance (NMR) experiment, the spin density operator may be regarded as a superposition of irreducible spherical tensor operators. Each of these spin operators evolves duringExpand
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matNMR: a flexible toolbox for processing, analyzing and visualizing magnetic resonance data in Matlab.
matNMR (matnmr.sourceforge.net) is a toolbox for processing, analyzing and visualizing magnetic-resonance data within the Matlab environment (www.mathworks.com) that aims for control, flexibility andExpand
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Manipulation of the director in bicellar mesophases by sample spinning: a new tool for NMR spectroscopy.
It is shown that bicellar nematic liquid-crystalline phases can be oriented with the director (the normal to the bicellar plane) at an arbitrary angle to the applied magnetic field by sample rotationExpand
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INADEQUATE-CR experiments in the solid state.
Through-bond connectivity can be probed by J couplings. For effective two-spin systems, the INADEQUATE experiment is highly valuable in liquid-state spectroscopy. It is the purpose of thisExpand
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Inverse methods in two-dimensional NMR spectral analysis.
Solid-state NMR is a valuable technique for the study of disordered materials. Analysis of such spectra usually involves solution of so-called ill-posed inverse problems. Here we present a strategyExpand
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A DOQSY approach for the elucidation of torsion angle distributions in biopolymers: application to silk.
Silk from the wild silkworm Samia cynthia ricini with a molecular mass of about 300kDa consists of alternating repeats of nano-crystalline poly-(Ala) and non-crystalline glycine-rich domains. TheExpand
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NMR characterization of native liquid spider dragline silk from Nephila edulis.
Solid spider dragline silk is well-known for its mechanical properties. Nonetheless a detailed picture of the spinning process is lacking. Here we report NMR studies on the liquid silk within theExpand
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Supercontracted spider dragline silk: a solid-state NMR study of the local structure.
The local structure of supercontracted dragline silk from the spider Nephila madagascariensis was investigated by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance. Two-dimensional (2D) spin-diffusionExpand
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