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Human immunodeficiency virus infection modifies the natural history of chronic parenterally-acquired hepatitis C with an unusually rapid progression to cirrhosis.
BACKGROUND/AIMS To investigate the possible role of HIV infection in the natural history of chronic parenterally-acquired hepatitis C. METHODS A multicenter cross-sectional study was performed inExpand
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Value of the critical flicker frequency in patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy
Minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) is mainly diagnosed using psychometric tests such as the psychometric hepatic encephalopathy score (PHES). Despite the clinical and social relevance of MHE,Expand
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Mitochondrial oxidative stress and CD95 ligand: A dual mechanism for hepatocyte apoptosis in chronic alcoholism
Apoptosis plays an important role in the progression of alcohol‐induced liver disease to cirrhosis. Oxidative stress is an early event in the development of apoptosis. The major aim of this study wasExpand
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Oral lichen planus and chronic liver disease: a clinical and morphometric study of the oral lesions in relation to transaminase elevation.
Serum transaminase levels (serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase or serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase) were found to be altered in 40 (21.39%) of 187 patients with oral lichen planus. TheExpand
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Plasma concentrations of nitric oxide and asymmetric dimethylarginine in human alcoholic cirrhosis.
BACKGROUND/AIMS The liver plays a prominent role in the metabolism of asymmetric dimethyl-l-arginine (ADMA), an endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide (NO) synthase. This study was designed toExpand
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Relationship between insulin resistance, inflammation and liver cell apoptosis in patients with severe obesity
In obesity, insulin resistance appears frequently after activation of proinflammatory molecules. Caspase‐generated cytokeratin‐18 (CK‐18) fragments are produced during the apoptosis of hepatic cells.Expand
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[A clinical study of adult autoimmune hepatitis in Valencia, Spain].
OBJECTIVE the clinical phenotype of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) varies among geographical areas. The aim of this study is to determine the salient features of AIH in adult patients from the provinceExpand
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Alterations in adipocytokines and cGMP homeostasis in morbid obesity patients reverse after bariatric surgery
Obesity‐associated nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), covering from simple steatosis to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), is a common cause of chronic liver disease. Aberrant production ofExpand
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Incidence of adult form of autoimmune hepatitis in Valencia (Spain).
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS There is little information on the incidence of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) because on many occasions the disease can progress asymptomatically, different diagnostic criteriaExpand
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Influence of age and date of infection on distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes and fibrosis stage
Summary.  The objective of this study was to assess the influence of age and date of acquisition of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection on the distribution of genotypes and the progression of fibrosisExpand
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