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Bioengineered functional brain-like cortical tissue
Significance A modular 3D brain-like cortical tissue is constructed with silk protein-based scaffold and ECM composite and primary cortical neurons. This tissue responds in vitro with biochemical andExpand
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Microreactors as new tools for drug discovery and development.
In common with other producers of fine chemicals, the pharmaceutical industry can deploy flow microreactors to provide a more flexible production regime than is achievable with large-scale batch reactors. Expand
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Bolcheviks en campagne: Paysans et éducation politique dans la Russie des années 1920. By Alexandre Sumpf. Paris: CNRS Editions, 2011. 412 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Maps. €29.00, paper.
The descriptions of the urban environment are shocking and illuminating. Workers in many towns trudged through layers of human excrement and filth due to the absence of effective sewage or wasteExpand
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Requirements Definition for ORNL Trusted Corridors Project
The ORNL Trusted Corridors Project has several other names: SensorNet Transportation Pilot; Identification and Monitoring of Radiation (in commerce) Shipments (IMR(ic)S); and SoutheasternExpand
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Neural tissue microphysiological systems in the era of patient-derived pluripotent stem cells
Abstract Neurological conditions not only can be devastating to patients and families but also are among the most difficult disorders for researchers to understand. More than 1 billion peopleExpand
The Application of Exploratory Data Analysis in Marketing: An Introduction to Selected Methods
This paper introduces the family of techniques called exploratory data analysis, an informal method of data examination designed to explore the structure of the data. Expand