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Is New Public Management Really Dead
This article, originally presented as a keynote speech at the June 2009 meeting of the OECD Working Party of Senior Budget Officials, explores the state of new public management from the perspective
Reform Styles of Political and Administrative Elites in Majoritarian and Consensus Democracies: Public Management Reforms in New Zealand and the Netherlands
One of the most important claims advanced by comparative public management reform studies is that these reforms have been more successfully implemented in majoritarian than in consensus democracies.
The Global Financial Crisis and its Budget Impacts in OECD Nations
The global financial crisis of 2007–09 constituted the biggest shock to the economies of the OECD nations since the Second World War and caused most of their governments to move into intense crisis
Former Leaders in Modern Democracies: Political Sunsets
Introduction K.Theakston & J.de Vries After the White House - the Modern US Post-Presidency I.Morgan Former Prime Ministers in Britain Since 1945 K.Theakston The Strange Afterlives of Canadian Prime
The Reality of Budgetary Reform in OECD Nations: Trajectories and Consequences
Contents: 1. Investigating the Reality of Reform in Modern Budgeting John Wanna 2. Budget Reforms in the United States - a 'Perfect Storm' for a New Wave of Deficit Reduction Reforms Alfred Tat-Kei
Controlling public expenditure : the changing roles of Central Budget Agencies - better guardians?
Introduction - the changing role of central budget agencies, John Wanna "good practice - does it work in theory?" Australia's quest for better outcomes, John Wanna, Stephen Bartos Zen and the art of