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Flooding Reduces Gas Exchange and Growth in Snap Bean
Even 1 day of flooding reduces photosynthesis in snap bean and causes a decrease in dry weight of the plant, and a quadratic model provided the best fit for the regression of root and leaf dry weight on the number of days of flooding.
Comparative studies on the metabolism of food additives : case examples in the safety evaluation of the allylbenzene natural flavors
Article de synthese sur le potentiel cancereux des additifs exhausteurs de saveur d'origine naturelle comme les allybenzenes. Etude cinetique et metabolique chez les rats et les souris des effets de
Leaf mineral element concentrations and growth of sweet sorghum subjected to acid soil stress
Data from Calhoun on plant height, dry weight, visual stress ratings, and rainfall indicate a possible association between drought tolerance and acid soil tolerance in sorghum.