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Deposition versus photochemical removal of PBDEs from Lake Superior air.
Analysis of a sediment core collected from Siskiwit Lake, located on a remote island in Lake Superior, provides evidence that polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are removed effectively from theExpand
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Chlorine activation indoors and outdoors via surface-mediated reactions of nitrogen oxides with hydrogen chloride
Gaseous HCl generated from a variety of sources is ubiquitous in both outdoor and indoor air. Oxides of nitrogen (NOy) are also globally distributed, because NO formed in combustion processes isExpand
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Uptake of gas phase nitrous acid onto boundary layer soil surfaces.
Nitrous acid (HONO) is an important OH radical source that is formed on both ground and aerosol surfaces in the well-mixed boundary layer. Large uncertainties remain in quantifying HONO sinks andExpand
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Soil surface acidity plays a determining role in the atmospheric-terrestrial exchange of nitrous acid
Significance Nitrous acid (HONO) emitted from soil plays an important role in regulating the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere. Unexpectedly high emissions of HONO are observed from soils withExpand
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Gas-phase reactions of brominated diphenyl ethers with OH radicals.
A small volume reaction chamber coupled to a mass spectrometer was used to study the gas-phase kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of OH radicals with diphenyl ether and seven polybrominatedExpand
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Combined Flux Chamber and Genomics Approach Links Nitrous Acid Emissions to Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea in Urban and Agricultural Soil.
Nitrous acid (HONO) is a photochemical source of hydroxyl radical and nitric oxide in the atmosphere that stems from abiotic and biogenic processes, including the activity of ammonia-oxidizing soilExpand
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Microbial mechanisms and ecosystem flux estimation for aerobic NOy emissions from deciduous forest soils
Significance Reactive nitrogen oxides (NOy) can negatively impact air quality, visibility, and human health. Biogenic sources of NOy are poorly understood despite their growing importance in futureExpand
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Relative rate and product studies of the OH-acetone reaction.
The rate constants for the reaction of acetone (kH) and d6-acetone (kD) with OH radicals have been measured at atmospheric pressure over a range of temperatures by a relative rate method by usingExpand
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A π-Stacking Terthiophene-Based Quinodimethane Is an n-Channel Conductor in a Thin Film Transistor
A terthiophene-based quinodimethane, 3‘,4‘-dibutyl-5,5‘ ‘-bis(dicyanomethylene)-5,5‘ ‘-dihydro-2,2‘:5‘,2‘ ‘-terthiophene (1) was synthesized and crystallized. Compound 1 has a planar quinoid geometryExpand
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Dinitro and quinodimethane derivatives of terthiophene that can be both oxidized and reduced. Crystal structures, spectra, and a method for analyzing quinoid contributions to structure.
Two new oligothiophenes, the dinitro compound 3',4'-dibutyl-5,5' '-dinitro-2,2':5',2' '-terthiophene (1) and the quinodimethane 3',4'-dibutyl-5,5' '-bis(dicyanomethylene)-5,5' '-dihydro-2,2':5',2'Expand
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