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Extraction of sardine myoglobin and its effect on gelation properties of Pacific whiting surimi.
Myoglobin (Mb) was extracted from Pacific sardine and added to Pacific whiting surimi to measure its effects on protein gelation. The purity of Mb extract was determined by SDS-PAGE. Mb extract usingExpand
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Elucidating Comminution Steps to Enhance the Value of Surimi from Tropical Fish
Biochemical and rheological properties of surimi were examined based on: (a) salting time (from 18 to 3 min) while maintaining 21 min for total chopping time; and (b) total chopping time (from 6 toExpand
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Characterization of myosin, myoglobin, and phospholipids isolated from Pacific sardine (Sadinops sagax)
approved: ___________________________________________________________________ Jae W. Park Myoglobin (Mb) was extracted from Pacific sardine and added to Pacific whiting surimi to measure its effectsExpand
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semi-empirical relationship between rupture properties of surimi pastes and failure shear stress of surimi gels at different moisture contents
Rupture properties, such as yield stress (YS) and the limit of linear viscoelastic region (LLVER), of Alaska pollock surimi pastes and failure shear stress (FSS) of Alaska pollock surimi gels wereExpand
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Monitoring and Optimization of the Effects of the Blending Ratio of Corn, Sesame, and Perilla Oils on the Oxidation and Sensory Quality of Seasoned Laver Pyropia spp.
Seasoned laver Pyropia spp. is one of the most well-known Korean traditional seafoods, and is becoming more popular worldwide. Various mixed oils are used in the preparation of seasoned laver;Expand
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ferroelectric thin films were prepared on platinized silicon substrates using MOD proces, and crystallization behavior of the films was investigated with variation of the annealing temperature and BiExpand
Multidisciplinary Approaches for Early Determination of Gelation Properties of Fish Proteins
ABSTRACT Multidisciplinary approaches for rapid determination of fish protein quality were evaluated based on various biochemical and physical methods. A positive correlation (R2 = 0.74) betweengelExpand
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Biochemical Properties of Pelagic Fish Proteins as Affected by Isolation Methods and Gel Properties by Heating Methods
The biochemical and gel properties of Pacific sardine and Pacific mackerel were characterized as affected by preparation and cooking methods. Four to eight times more salt soluble proteins wereExpand
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Ferroelectric characteristics of liquid source misted chemical deposition (LSMCD)-derived SrBi2.4Ta2O9 thin films with thickness variation
Abstract SrBi 2.4 Ta 2 O 9 (SBT) thin films of 70–400 nm thickness were prepared on platinized Si substrates by liquid-source misted chemical deposition (LSMCD), and the thickness dependence of theExpand
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