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Clinical and pathological characteristics of secondary thyroid cancer.
In conclusion, most of the metastatic lesions presented as an advanced stage of primary cancers, and FNAC was a useful tool in the diagnosis. Expand
Evaluation of bone mineral density by quantitative ultrasound of bone in 16,862 subjects during routine health examination.
From multivariate analysis, bone density evaluated by QUS showed a relationship with age, gender, body mass index, waist/hip ratio, smoking and frequency of exercise, and the role of QUS in predicting fractures in Taiwan requires further investigation. Expand
Establishment of xenografts and cell lines from well‐differentiated human thyroid carcinoma
Our aim was to establish Chinese human thyroid cancer cell lines and to provide the material for thyroid cancer research.
Diabetes mellitus and hypertension based on the family history and 2-h postprandial blood sugar in the Ann-Lo district (northern Taiwan).
Analysis of the data between risk factors of DM revealed that DM correlated with age, body mass index, hypertension, smoking, family history of DM and correlated negatively with education. Expand
Factors related to the survival of papillary and follicular thyroid carcinoma patients with distant metastases.
A large group of Asian patients with metastatic well-differentiated thyroid cancer was more likely to have follicular than papillary histology, and that, as expected, metastases from follicular cancer were present earlier and more frequently, were morelikely to involve bone, wereMore likely to be associated with mortality, and were linked to tumor size but not gender. Expand
Thyroid ultrasonography with fine‐needle aspiration cytology for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer
Thyroid ultrasonography with the FNAC can provide high specificity and sensitivity in differentiating malignant lesions from benign, and the results demonstrated that 28.8% of the surgically treated patients had histopathologically proven malignancies. Expand
Acute suppurative thyroiditis: a ten-year review in a Taiwanese hospital.
Cultures of the pus taken from the infected glands grew Gram-positive streptococci in 4 patients, Gram-negative bacteria in 4, and anaerobic bacteria in 1; the other 3 were sterile. Expand
Prognostic variables of papillary and follicular thyroid carcinoma patients with lymph node metastases and without distant metastases.
Although limited lymph node metastases did not influence survival rate, patients with poor prognostic factors need more aggressive treatment to avoid progression of the cancer. Expand
Diagnosis of occult thyroid carcinoma by thyroid ultrasonography with fine needle aspiration cytology.
Although the rate is not high, high-resolution ultrasonography and FNAC is the best approach to preoperative diagnosis for OTC patients today. Expand
Correlation of fine needle aspiration cytology and frozen section biopsies in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules.
It is confirmed that FNA cytology is a useful tool in the initial evaluation of thyroid nodules and intraoperative frozen section is a valuable procedure to confirm the cytology diagnosis and identify malignancy in patients with indeterminate or unsatisfactory cytological diagnosis. Expand