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Preparation of chiral phosphorus, sulfur and selenium containing 2-aryloxazolines
Abstract A series of enantiomerically pure 2-[2-(diarylphosphino)aryl]-oxazolines was prepared from commercially available or synthetic amino alcohols. For oxazoline formation three procedures wereExpand
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At the beginning of the reseach described in this thesis the catalytic asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction had scarcely been investigated. No good catalytic processes with high enantiomeric excess wereExpand
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Asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions with a chiral maleic anhydride analog, 5-(1-menthyloxy)-2(5H)-furanone
5-(1-Menthyloxy)-2(5H)-furanone was used as a chiral dienophile in thermal asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions with several cyclic and acyclic dienes to give enantiomerically pure products.
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A novel low molecular weight chiral gelator for apolar organic solvents
The synthesis, molecular struc- ture, and properties of a new chiral gel- forming agent 1 are described. Key struc- tural features in 1 are a γ-alkoxybutyro- lactone tetralin moiety and an angularExpand
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Asymmetric Synthesis of Decalines and Hexahydroindanes
Abstract The intermolecular Diels Alder reactions of 5-menthyloxy-2[5H]-furanone with 1-vinylcyclohexenes, 1,2-dimethylenecyclohexane and 1-vinylcyclopentenes result in enantiomerically pureExpand
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Synthesis of enantiomerically pure bi- and tricyclic lactones with quaternary chiral centers
Enantiomerically pure lactones, with a quaternary chiral center, were prepared by alkylation of enantiomerically pure bi- and tricyclic menthyloxyfuranones
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