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Potential toxicants in alginate powders.
Twenty-five dental alginate impression powders were obtained locally and analysed for Pb, Zn, Ba, Cd, As, Be, Hg, Sb, and V contents by atomic absorption spectroscopy; also total fluoride wasExpand
The long-term solubility of silicate cement.
Fluoride stability in toothpastes.
A survey of the elemental composition of alloy for dental amalgam.
Analyses of 51 alloys (conventional, 41, and high-copper, 10) currently available in Australia were made. A rapid and precise procedure was developed that relied on wet-way methods for silver and tinExpand
Characterization and aqueous extraction of calcium hydroxide materials.
Analysis of two single and eight dual product systems showed the former to be calcium hydroxide dispersed in an aqueous gel in methyl ethyl ketone solution of an acrylic polymer and the latter wereExpand
Resistance of calcium hydroxide materials to phosphoric acid.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Dentifrice Polishing Agents
The infrared spectra of 15 dentifrice polishing agents were investigated and found to have individual characteristics for certain identification. Representative materials all exhibited a conformityExpand
The long-term solubility of a stannous fluoride-zinc phosphate cement.