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“The Origins of Life”
N. W. PIRIE'S characteristic and entertaining account of the symposium in Moscow on the origin of life mainly consists of an exposition of his views on the subject and a metaphysical criticism of aExpand
A Theory of Water and Ionic Solution, with Particular Reference to Hydrogen and Hydroxyl Ions
On the basis of the model of the water molecule derived from spectral and x-ray data and a proposed internal structure for water, the following properties of water and ionic solutions have beenExpand
X-Rays in Theory and Experiment
Abstract“X-RAYS in Theory and Experiment” was originally conceived as a second edition of Compton's deservedly celebrated “X-Rays and Electrons”. That book was published just at the time when theExpand
Dialectics of Nature
FREDERICK ENGELS died in 1895, one year before Röntgen's discovery of X-rays and the enormous flowering of physical and chemical knowledge that followed from it. Science to-day is very different fromExpand
The Social Function of Science
The Oxides and Hydroxides of Iron and Their Structural Inter-Relationships
The transformations ia-x the iron oxide-hydroxide system have been interpreted in a rational crystallochemical manner, some bring characterized as topotactic and some as non-topotacfic.Expand
Geometry of the Structure of Monatomic Liquids
Liquid Crystalline Substances from Virus-infected Plants
STANLEY1 has described the preparation of a crystalline protein possessing the properties of tobacco mosaic virus from the sap of infected tobacco and tomato plants. The crystals were small needlesExpand