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Adrenocortical Zonation, Renewal, and Remodeling
The mechanisms involved in adrenocortical remodeling are complex and redundant so as to fulfill the offsetting goals of organ homeostasis and stress adaptation.
The effects of veratramine on atrio-ventricular nodal rhythm and on auricular flutter in the dog heart-lung preparation
Ephedrine, in doses up to 3 mg increased the A-V nodal rate to the mean maximal rate of 187 beats/min, which represents a mean maximal acceleration of 140 beats/Min.
Identification and characterization of functional domains required for polymodal signal detection in mammalian TRP channels
Die Mitglieder der Familie der \(\textit {transient receptor potential}\) (TRP) Kanale sind ubiquitar exprimiert und durch diverse Stimuli aktiviert. Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit war die