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Closed-form expressions for particle relative velocities induced by turbulence
In this note we present complete, closed-form expressions for random relative velocities between colliding particles of arbitrary size in nebula turbulence. These results are exact for very small
Particle-Gas Dynamics in the Midplane of a Protoplanetary Nebula
Abstract In this paper, we study the stage of planetary formation during which the particulate material is still dispersed as centimeter-to-meter sized primordial aggregates. During this stage,
Toward Planetesimals: Dense Chondrule Clumps in the Protoplanetary Nebula
We outline a scenario that traces a direct path from freely floating nebula particles to the first 10-100 km sized bodies in the terrestrial planet region, producing planetesimals that have
Voyager 2 at Neptune: Imaging Science Results
Voyager 2 images of Neptune reveal a windy planet characterized by bright clouds of methane ice suspended in an exceptionally clear atmosphere above a lower deck of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia ices.
Compositional Evolution of Saturn's Rings Due to Meteoroid Bombardment
In this paper we address the question of compositional evolution in planetary ring systems subsequent to meteoroid bombardment. The huge surface area to mass ratio of planetary rings ensures that
Encounter with saturn: voyager 1 imaging science results.
As Voyager 1 flew through the Saturn system it returned photographs revealing many new and surprising characteristics of this complicated community of bodies, including small inner satellites that interact gravitationally with one another and with the ring particles in ways not observed elsewhere in the solar system.
Size-selective Concentration of Chondrules and Other Small Particles in Protoplanetary Nebula Turbulence
Size-selective concentration of particles in a weakly turbulent protoplanetary nebula may be responsible for the initial collection of chondrules and other constituents into primitive bodY
A New Look at the Saturn System: The Voyager 2 Images
Within Saturn's rings, the "birth" of a spoke has been observed, and surprising azimuthal and time variability is found in the ringlet structure of the outer B ring, leading to speculations about Saturn's internal structure and about the collisional and thermal history of the rings and satellites.
Ring Particle Composition and Size Distribution
We review recent progress concerning the composition and size distribution of the particles in Saturn's main ring system, and describe how these properties vary from place to place. We discuss how